Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Website - Valuable Resource Guide for Essay

The Website - Valuable Resource Guide for Students - Essay Example Why is that popular? Simply because it never fails to inform the readers about the latest developments in Science and Technology. Although anybody can easily understand the articles presented in the website, students benefit most from the issues because they constantly need a good supply of updates for their subjects. The website continues the tradition of providing ground-breaking news written by the experts on the subject itself. At first glance, the website seems very simple because the layout is minimal. There are only 2 advertisements present – on top of the main header and on a box on the rights side of the page. This type of design provides more space for readers to access more information. Also, this reveals that the website is well-funded since it does not need too many sponsors as compared to other websites. The white background makes it very easy to read the articles presented as well as see the other sections of the website. There are only si x tabs on the header which can already lead the user to various links that interest him. Also, it is a good way of categorizing issues such as Evolution, Health, Mind and Brain, Technology etc. The dropdown tabs further reveal subdivision of the main topic so the reader can get more specific articles. The middle section contains the Latest Headlines which is a collection of news from various news agencies like Nature, Reuters etc. Nevertheless, the daily articles are enough to catch the interests of the reading public who can also post comments on such topics. The main goal of the website is not just timely delivery of information, it wants to present to the audience emerging trends which is the tradition of the magazine. For example, its very recent article about diabetes blood vessel damage presents a study published only last January 28 in the reputable Journal of Biological Chemistry. If a reader traces the journal, he would be presented with an abstract of the study which is re ally very technical.

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