Friday, September 27, 2019

Introduction to Political Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Introduction to Political Science - Essay Example After the Civil Rights legislation, they could now study with the whites in the same schools. A third case is where the African Americans could now dine in the same hotels with the whites. It was after the efforts of African American scholars from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College that the Civil Rights law of the 60’s implemented that all restaurants would serve all races. These four students were Jibreel Khazan, Joseph McNeil, David Richmond, and Franklin McCain. A fourth case is where the African Americans were granted equal voting rights as the whites. After the civil rights of the 60’s African Americans were allowed to exercise their democratic rights of voting. A final case is where the African Americans were allowed to join and form political parties. This was a crucial step of improving their influence (Patterson 45). Separate But Equal Law and Brown, V. Board Of Education The court ruled out the separate but equal law because it promoted segregat ion. Segregation refers to the refutation of equal protection of the law. The Supreme Court thought that it was inappropriate to separate African American children from others just because of their race. They thought that it would be fair if all children were treated as equals before the law. ... The impact is bigger when it has the approval of the law. This is because the rule of separating the races is understood as signifying the weakness of the Negro group (Patterson 151). How people measure public opinion amongst the electorate in the United States The fundamental processes that seem to influence the public’s opinion on government policies reveal restrictions to democracy. Other obstructions and influences are at work, and government policies and actions fall short of what the public needs, even as the government moves in the desired paths. Thus, as critics have stated, the public is partly sovereign. In addition, critics have listed many normative prospects of keeping basic rights and freedoms, the rule of law and discussions regarding the degree to which public opinion is controlled by political leaders and the facts that leaders and the media offer. This is so that public opinion meets the minimum standard of rationality or quality as a vital contribution to th e policymaking procedure (Patterson 374). Although these factors have been researched and discussed, more work and thought, for instance, is still required regarding the bounds and circumstances that the U.S government can momentarily encroach on rights and freedoms in the countrywide interest. Furthermore, with regard to the capabilities required of the public in a democracy, philosophers and political theorists have not fully wrestled with this problem. It has drawn on present and enduring empirical study of how people measure public opinion amongst the electorate in the United States. How the Political Values of the American Citizens are Formed The thoughts that American Citizens

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