Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Service Quality in Higher Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Service Quality in Higher Education - Essay Example This paper illustrates that the three surveys conducted used various statistical measures such as QFD technique, and some multidimensional matrixes. Some of the research instrument included the QFD model, the QFD matrixes, and the data got analyzed by use of the statistical packages for social scientists (SPSS). Some of the processes that got included in these studies included delivery of teaching, the design of study programs, assessment of students, management of the administrative services and research activities. Others include career orientation services, student admission, and hiring, development and evaluation of the teaching personnel. The conclusive statement got made student’s study program, assessment of students and the teaching process are important aspects of improving education quality and the introduction of quality management in the higher education systems. Service quality in higher learning has emerged as one of the key most fundamental factors that drive ma ny academic institutions towards realizing their set objectives, goals, and educational aims. There are some processes and methodologies adopted by some learning institutions for the main purpose of upgrading the quality of their education services as well as academic provisions. By undertaking this procedure as well as the policies meant for improving their education quality and standards, these institutions have gotten in a position to meet nearly all requirements set by the ISO 9001:2008. There are some strategies taken to improve service quality in higher education, among them including the application of quality function deployment towards upgrading the standards in higher education. In this case, it entails the concerns from the employer’s perspective. It involves the use of the use of various paradigms and investigation procedures which gets implemented for the purpose of purpose of coming up with solutions for realizing high academic qualities.

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