Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Discuss the historical, cultural and philosophical context of a 20th Research Paper

Discuss the historical, cultural and philosophical context of a 20th or 21st century art - Research Paper Example with songs inspired by the current events of their time and the experimentation with the singing brought out by the psychedelic drugs and, of course, their own ever increasing talents. This was the band’s eight album that was released in 1967. By that time, the group had become quite frustrated with all that they did and all that was expected from them. According to McCartney, they â€Å"were fed up with being the Beatles† (Frontani 127). Despite their talent and newfound experience, they were still thought of as boys instead of men. Not being taken seriously annoyed them, they were â€Å"artists rather than just performers† and being asked to repeat the same type of performances in every concert was also not conducive for the learning of more skills (Frontani 127). It is because of this that Paul McCartney brought forward a proposal on which Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band is based on. The idea was for the four men to invent fake identities, think of themselves as someone else and then write and sing songs as that fake individual. It is this work of theirs that has known to have sparked off the idea of a concept album even though there are still mixed views whether it is actually one or not. A concept album is basically one which has songs that follow a certain theme, there is a connection between them all, a telling of a story. According to Bill Martin, â€Å"Sergeant Pepper’s do not qualify according to this criterion (†¦) only a relative handful can truly be considered concept albums in the thematic sense† (Martin Jr. 41). However, it is also said that it â€Å"has been recognized almost universally as the first concept album† with â€Å"music, words, and visual art (†¦) all combined to convey a specific concept or program† (Letts 9 - 10) . Either way, it was this album that introduced the idea of a concept album into the minds of the people which continues to be followed by some of the singers today. A random thought that occurred during a flight led

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