Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Personnel Management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Personnel Management - Case Study Example It is the human capital that drives the organizations' performance, hence playing a key role in all transformation efforts. In ACME Engineering knowledge management is managed by ensuring that people are left to enjoy what they do this is demonstrated the value attached to the people and the underlying principle of treating workers as a critical part of the organization. ACME Engineering embraces a multicultural approach, which easily deals with any emerging cross-cultural barriers. As long as workers are assigned the duties which allow them to practice their skills they will feel utilized well and do not stand a chance of moving out of the organization, say, in search of greener pastures. The fact that ACME encourages a relaxed work pace with the training which goes on in ACME, workers add to their existing knowledge, it leaves in them a sense of development and growth. In ACME a culture of belon... want to make decisions aimed at maintaining and managing the best talent at all costs for an organization can not afford the costs which come with high job turn over. Therefore strategic human resource management maximizes an organizations performance through the following: Strategic Planning. This involves implementation processes, which link the long-term goals of the organization with practical action plans. This results into activities and initiatives which aim at guiding the organization's growth. ACME as a company has gone out of the way in linking long-term goals through recruiting the majority of its workforce within the age group of 25-30 years. ACME encourages workers to see the opportunities ahead for such exist in the organization and they are made aware that they are the beneficiaries. These have a positive strategic role to play in the organization. When other organizations who recruited at the same time as ACME will be sending workers home through retirement, ACME will still be enjoying the fruits of its strategic planning because it may keep it's most experienced workforce say for as many as six or so extra years due to the age of its initial batch of recruits. Workforce Planning.Human resource managers must address the ever-changing workforce requirements. To achieve this goal, models should be developed bearing in mind the unique needs of each organization. As an organization, ACME has its own unique challenges but its version of strategic human resource management seems to be working well for it. How else do you explain its unique grading and appraising system whereby employees can raise even in the same job group to an extent of getting an extra 40% pay rise The fact that the organization encourages an open communication policy is a

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