Monday, October 7, 2019

Football League alls for Safe-Standing Areas in Championship Research Paper

Football League alls for Safe-Standing Areas in Championship - Research Paper Example Considering the intrinsic factors associated with the game, the government has also approved standing in the stadium by introducing new legislation on safe standing. Today, British football is on the verge of reintroducing the standing facilities because of the desire of the fan groups to stand and watch football once again. The completion of this project would not have been possible without the cooperation of the sporting industry and its fans who kindly responded to my survey requests. A special thanks to you to the Newcastle United Football Club Fan forum that completed and promoted my survey Furthermore my family and friends, who have supported me during this project. Overcrowding in football stadiums has always been a common phenomenon in England and the long history of the game shows that the event has faced deadly accidents many a time. The safe game is always a prime matter of concern in the English Premier League (Slater, 2013). Earlier, standing facilities were allowed in the stadiums which results in serious overcrowding, especially during big matches. Although a large number of spectators can give significant profit figure to the stadium authority, and often can act as a catalyst to the home team, it is generally considered unsafe. English football is an event of collective hooliganism and indiscipline and it often results in serious fatalities (Finnegan and Rookwood, 2008). To combat this problem, all- seating facility was introduced and it was a mandatory legislation to be followed by all the stadium authorities. It is generally assumed that all seating provides better safety and better comfort compared to standing facilities.

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