Monday, October 28, 2019

Favourite Brand Paper Essay Example for Free

Favourite Brand Paper Essay The brand that I identify with is tide laundry detergent. I love tide laundry detergent because there are 5 people in my house and a lot of laundry being done with Tide I am able to use less detergent for a large amount of cloths. It keeps the colors of the cloths bright and even if you have been using cheap detergent when cloths are washed with tide the colors bright. Tide also gets hard to remove stains out of cloths without having to pretreat the sting and soak cloths for a long period of times. I can also save money by using Tide because when using a less effective brand I have to pour more than the required amount to wash and the cloths deteriorate faster. When cloths deteriorate and look dull I have to spend more money to purchase cloths in a shorter amount of time. I do believe Tide Company has built a successful relationship with loyal customers because even during the recession Tide created a cheaper detergent called Tide Basic in order to accommodate its loyal customers during these hard times. The company has created a Tide detergent that can be used with cold water which saves on the energy bill. Loyal Tide customer has a lot of variety to choose from which helps maintain the relationship with the brand. This brand is focused on groups of all ages because it is efficient and has been around since 1946. The Tide brand for the younger generation helps them remember home and for the older generation it is familiar and a brand they can trust. Tide has a variety of detergent product such as tide pods eliminate odor and are pre-measured, Tide ultra-stain release removes 99 percent of stains, Tide to go instant stain remover to go it’s a pen that is small and can be carried around if you get a small stain on your cloths, Tide boost duo packs it has stain removing power without any dyes or scent, Tide total care for high efficiency washers, Tide ultra clean plus downy gives same clean feeling and soft cloths, Tide cold water great cleaning and save money no hot or even warm water needed, Tide alternative bleach wash whites without the need of using bleach, Tide Free provide ge ntle on skin, Tide febreze for individuals who play sports, all of these also come in powder form for those who do not like liquid detergent. This is another reason Tide caters to all  age groups there is something for everyone. The two competitor brands Whisk and Kirkland Signature Ultra. These two detergents are numbers 2 and 3 on the list of competitor detergents which was done by ABC news. I have tried both of these brands. In my opinion these brands are good but the stain fighting power is not as effective as tide. When using tide on my chef uniform which has food and oils from cooking kitchen smell was gone. I used both brands to wash my nephews chef uniforms and they were not as effective at removing dirt, grim and most of all the smell of food. Tide has also been featured in good housekeeping magazine. It was also named one of the must steal products because in recent years there has been a surge of theft with tide detergent. In conclusion Tide laundry detergent is a brand that has been around for decades. It maintains and brightens colors. Tide also has over 15 varieties from one that can be used on sensitive skin to cold water Tide that helps save money. Tide is a trusted brand and caters to their customer’s needs. They also have helped maintain the relationship by offering a lower priced detergent when the recession affected all individuals around the world. Tide does have some competition but it does not have all the varieties or report that Tide has with their customers. References /www.nytim http:/

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