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Longfellow And Lowell Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and James Russell Lowell were great poets of their time. Although, they have many similarities, they also are very different. Both Longfellow and Lowell were great writers of their time. They were both poets in a group of four called the Fireside Poets. The Fireside Poets were great writers in the 1800's. Longfellow and Lowell were born into rich families. They aslo often wrote about nature, Longfellow wrote "The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls" and "A Psalm of Life". Lowell wrote "The First Snowfall" and "Auspex" . All of these poems have to do with nature, although the stories behind each poem are different. They also both had much tragedy in their life. Both had lost loved ones. Longfellow suffered the tragic deaths of two wives. His wife, Mary Potter, suffered a miscarriage and died of the resulting infection. Eight years later Longfellow married Frances Appleton. The marriage was cut short when she dies in a fire. Longfellow grew a think beard to cover the scars he received when he went into the house to try to save her. For Lowell, tragedy also hit. Three of his four children died in infancy and he lost his wife as well. ADAMS 2 Longfellow and Lowell also had many differences. Longfellow was educated at Bowdoin College. He then pursued further studies in Europe and later became a professor at Bowdoin. Later he became a professor of Modern Languages at Harvard. Lowell went to Harvard Law School but disliked it and gave it up after three years. He then went toward his passion of poetry. Longfellow grew to be known as the most famous fireside poet. He ( unlike Lowell ) was able to overcome all the tragedy in his life to excel in his poetry. Lowell's writing was deeply flawed by his sorrow. He wrote poetry about his sorrow. In "The First Snowfall" , he writes about his deceased children. That is why Longfellow became the most famous fireside poet. In closing, both Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and James Russell Lowell were great writers of their time who have had a strong influence on many people. Their poetry will live on forever.

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