Friday, November 8, 2019

Computer-Based Office Automation essays

Computer-Based Office Automation essays Personal computer-based office automation software has become an indispensable part of election management in many business environments. Word processing programs have replaced typewriters; spreadsheet programs have replaced ledger books; database programs have replaced paper-based electoral rolls, inventories and staff lists; personal organizer programs have replaced paper diaries; and the list goes on. In the last thirty years technology has made it possible to minimize time wasted on redundant tasks. The paperless work environment has become the goal of many businesses. The overall effect this automation revolution has had on business is getting harder to measure by the day. Starting with the introduction of basic word processing and spreadsheet programs in the 1970s, by the 1990s office automation programs had become very sophisticated. These programs have served to empower ordinary office workers by enabling them to complete tasks in-house that had previously been sent off-site to be completed by specialists. In most cases the increased efficiency has equated to more production and new job opportunities. For example, desktop publishing programs allow relative novices to produce professional-quality publications, where once even the simplest of typesetting tasks had to be sent to professional typesetters and printers. Database and spreadsheet programs running on high-powered personal computers allow everyday users to input, store, process, and use data in ways that once would only have been possible on large main-frame computers operated by specialists. Telephone routing systems have made the workforce more efficient by eliminating unnecessary transfers and lowering hold times. The automated phone answering systems have also made the office more efficient by giving people access to information without having to speak with a real person. Voice mail offers the advantage of answering your calls while you're on the phon...

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