Wednesday, August 28, 2019

War Propaganda Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

War Propaganda - Essay Example Therefore, the poster is both appealing to the male population while being simultaneously convincing. The use of the American flag combined with a soldier blowing a trumpet is appealing. The actions of the soldier rhyme with the poster’s message â€Å"the call to Duty†. Additionally, the poster invokes patriotism in people who happen to view it. Thus, they view that it is their duty to join the army and defend their home country from invaders or enemies. Moreover, the poster’s simplicity is quite attractive. It implies that it is every citizen’s duty to be in the armed forces. The poster is catchy since it uses children in its campaign. Naturally, children tend to influence their parent’s decisions and choices. Thus, a child will encourage his/her parents to purchase war saving stamps. Also, the poster signifies that Uncle Sam cares for his children since one of the children is sitted in his arm. In addition to this, the poster’s message can be interpreted to mean that the war is going on for the sake of protecting American children from their enemies. Therefore, I like the use of children in war posters in an attempt to attract more support for the army. If Uncle Sam loses the war, it’s the children who suffer the most, hence the need for children to support the American army. I chose this poster mainly because its message is based on democracy. It implies that anyone joining the army would help spread democracy to regions experiencing dictatorial rule. Thus, the army will be liberating the rest of the world from oppression. On the other hand, the poster ensures that every American citizen is thinking and believing that the main reason America’s involved in the war is to spread democracy around the world. This is a clever way to manipulate the public by the government. Since time immemorial, the good side has always been fighting for democracy and liberation from dictators. Due to the poster basing its

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