Monday, August 26, 2019

Network system , Cloud Networking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Network system , Cloud Networking - Essay Example It decreases latency or network load. However, this new concept has many challenges’ in future. This research paper presents the new concept of â€Å"Cloud Networking† and its design architecture, sustainability and security in the networking infrastructure. The primary goal of this report is to explain the challenges, solutions and need that are associated with cloud networking. Key words: Cloud Networking, sustainability, Design, Architecture and Infrastructure. I. INTRODUCTION Cloud computing is a very broad term and includes a variety of aspects and dimensions, which are very helpful in hosting a large number of applications and making them available to any device at any time [1]. Mostly it is used by business houses whether they are big, small or medium size. But the concept first originated back in the days when cloud computing was introduced by companies like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. and now is used on a large scale in organizations like Dell, IBM, HP, Microso ft, and alike. The emergence of cloud networking has eliminated the concept of ‘silo computing’ where an application or software was of restricted use and available to only selected systems. A cloud networking system creates multiple layers and multi-tiered systems inside a cloud server, allowing for enhancement of cloud protection and security and application of complex software [2]. The report aims at understanding the development of cloud networking, its impact on the environment and how various organizations joined forces to formulate plans to protect the natural surroundings. II. DEVELOPMENT OF CLOUD NETWORKING There has been a paradigm shift in how computers are used to store, manage and retrieve data in an organization. The very concept of cloud computing has satisfied the uneven demands of users who wanted cheap computing resources which was able to record, store, retrieve and disseminate information. Cloud networking poses some new challenges when compared to c onventional OSI systems. Many new components and dimensions have been added to the use of computers, the internet is one of them. The cloud network now includes a layer of web applications, which is additional in comparison to traditional OSI systems [15]. Cloud networking works with IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) while aiming at reducing consumption of energy and cost, leading to a green cloud. Though in early times, sleep mode was seen as a very effective way of decreasing energy usage, but now as servers are required to be online 24*7, expenditures made for maintaining them have increased by many folds; cloud networking is the solution for it. The concept behind the development of cloud networking is using Software as a Service (SaaS). There are a large number of servers in a data centre and several processors intensive software which requires more processing power, in which case they need more developed networks which are capable of handling big data storage capacity and transferring capability [20]. Figure 1: Software as a Service (SaaS) [15] A. ATTRIBUTES OF CLOUD NETWORKING Scalability: There are a large number of nodes that are involved in a cloud network. It is necessary that they must measure the rate of successful message and information delivery to the user

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