Wednesday, March 11, 2020

SPIDE System Essays

SPIDE System Essays SPIDE System Paper SPIDE System Paper The S stands for search, it means to look 20-30 seconds ahead for information to help you travel. The P in SPIDER is to predict. You predict the actions or changes on or near the road that could increase risks. The l, stands for identify, it means that you identify objects or conditions ahead that could help you interfere with your path. The D means to decide, you decide what action to take at least 4-5 seconds ahead of time to control or decrease risks. Lastly, the E in SPIDER, stands for execute, which means to perform the actions needed. The first risk was on a Sunday morning, when me and my mom were heading to MAC Donaldson to get breakfast. We were on the corner of our street ready to turn left, when suddenly a car going like 35 miles per hour , comes out of nowhere. I thought that he was going to crash us, and that we were going to get hurt. But lucky my mom stopped the car in time, and the car didnt crash us I would of done the same as my mom to prevent an accident. The second risk I had, was on a Tuesday, in the afternoon. My dad had come to pick us up because we missed the bus. We were in the street, and from like 2 blocks away, you could see that the light was green. But all of a sudden, the light turned yellow, and we were t going to be able to pass the light before it turned red, but lucky my dad stopped quickly. On the side next to us though, the truck accelerated because he didnt want to wait, but when the other lane s turned green, the cars went and so the truck got crashed by 2 cars, Just because he didnt want to wait. I was really proud of dad because he stopped instead of going. Im pretty sure I would of done the same. The third risk I had, was on Friday, when all of my family, including me, were going to my aunts house because she had cooked us dinner. So we were on a long street that had a speed limit of 20 miles per hour. My dad was following the speed limit, but the car in front of us was t. I guess that he or she was really inpatient because that person had decided to go faster, even though he or she knew that there were uniqueness if you went faster. At the end of that street there was a police officer checking the speed limit of each car with some type of gun. When the officer saw that the car in front of us was speeding, he stopped the car and gave that person a ticket. It was really good that my dad had decided to keep the limit because first, we decreased many chances of an accident. Second, we didnt get a ticket. I would have done the same as my dad, or even went a little bit slower, Just to make sure. SPIDER System By Malaysia

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