Sunday, January 5, 2020

Advertising Is A Key Factor - 2254 Words

Introduction to advertising It is clear that advertising is not a new phenomenon, throughout its many forms advertising has not only been around for decades but for centuries. Advertising however as we know it can be seen to have been developed In the early 18th century, where by newspapers offered the ability to communicate entire pages of advertisements to the mass market. Advertising nevertheless is no doubt a powerful tool which adapts the way consumers perceive a product and if pulled off successfully can be the biggest factor of success. Approaches to advertising Simon Broadbent believes that there are 456 theories about what advertising is and how it works (Broadbent, 1992). However one of the most simple and effect definition of†¦show more content†¦(Goddard. A 2002) In concept, advertising is a mediator of choice, the most key aspect of advertising is that it makes the consumer a directly active agent in the economic cycle. Today advertising has become a key aspect of the marketing mix; â€Å"it has two key mechanisms, information and persuasion. With the mix of these two, the possibilities are endless† (Miles, Hart 1993). Advertising works as a direct form of persuasion and come in a variety of different platforms that effectively influence and affect consumer behaviour. Although there is more than one theory when it comes to advertisement, most share a common argument that expresses the importance that advertising brings to a business. Advertising becomes the focal point and the direct link between businesses and there target market. Advertising does not only account for the sales of a product but in fact becomes a main factor as to how a business is adapted by consumers. THEORY OF HOW EVERYONE ADAPTS IT DIFFERNLY! Advertising often requires a substantial amount of funding and this often comes from a large portion of the operational budget of business. This therefore means that it is highly important to measure the success of an advertising campaign however this process is not easy. Basu expresses that â€Å"measuring the success of an advertising campaign consist of finding out how often people are viewing a company s

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